Robert Hill Long works in portraiture, narrative photo-essays, candid photography, and meditative/place-based sequences.  His work has been exhibited at the Downtown Initiative  for the Visual Arts, Dot Dotson’s Photography, and New Zone.  He posts current photographs at R/lo Graf,  and contributes  to Rangefinder Forum as rhl-oregon Use the contact form to start a conversation about an event, portrait, place or process you’d like to see documented online or in print through evocative, empathetic and lyrical imagery.
Robert Hill Long is also the author of six books: Walking Wounded, The Kilim Dreaming, The Wire Garden, The Effigies, The Work of the Bow, and The Power to Die. His poems and flash fictions have been published in the US and abroad for 40 years.  Raised in North Carolina, he lives in western Oregon. Visit his literary site here.
G E A R     Digital   /    Fuji XE1, Fuji X100, Sigma dp2M, Ricoh GXR, Ricoh GR, Panasonic GX1, Olympus EP1 (IR) Medium/large format   /  Fuji GF670/GA645, Bronica RF645, Rolleiflex 2.8D, Minolta Autocord, Kowa 66, Cambo SC2                          35mm   /    Leica M5, Hexar RF/AF, Contax G1, Canon L1, Nikon S2, Olympus OM4, Zeiss Contaflex Super B



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